30 Day Challenge – Day 12 “Sunset”

Sunsets are my favorite, I look forward to that time of day. In my opinion, the best view of a sunset is through a lace curtain 🙂 My mom always had lace curtains up either in the kitchen or living room during my childhood. I wanted to give you a better shot than just a picture of an orange glow through curtains, haha, so I tried very hard to find a place where you could actually see a sunset.

My little town is surrounded by mountains and trees… lots of trees. In order to see the setting sun you have to hike very far up a mountain, and then drive down in the dark, and the dirt roads up there scare me so this was the best shot I was able to get. I took my camera to a few places and this one was just so beautiful I had to use it.



  1. ooooo Amanda – this is stunning. Sunsets are my favorite… I need to get back to seeing the sun go down each day… used to have this ritual and have been slacking. Your photo has inspired me! Love to you ~ RL

  2. I have the same trouble with sunsets, they are too hard to see from where I live, I must admit seeing them through curtains is not something I think I have done. Great sunset all the same.

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