Experimenting with Instagram

As some of you know, I just recently got an iPhone, it’s been fun trying new things and playing around with Instagram. It’s not quite like Frank (my Canon) but it’s been fun to experiment with every so often. I thought I’d post a few of my favorite pictures 🙂

Tulips from our garden 



My kitty George 😀



Florence, Oregon



City Hall in Corvallis, Oregon



    1. Awwww so sweet! It depends on what you’re looking for. William and I want our next cat to be a snuggle cat so we are looking into a Maine coon or rag doll 🙂 they are just lazy and adorable! Haha

      1. I’m sticking with Canon, too. I can’t decide between the 7D and the T5i. My hands are tiny and the Rebel would be a better fit. I compared them and they are close in what they do. I’m not sure what actually makes the 7d better. I am a bit turned around on what to do.

  1. They came out so great Amanda!! I think the iPhone (especially 4S) is pretty amazing ~ so much lighter than my heavy cannon! 🙂 Have fun with it!! x RL

  2. Amanda, Wow, these photos are amazing! 🙂
    I don’t know if i’ve missed the button somehow, but do you have a ‘Follow by email’ button where i can keep upto date with your posts via email? Its much easier for me to view emails than the Reader. Thought i would finally aske as i’ve been looking ever since i started following your blog! 😀

    1. You know what, I had to figure that out too with a bunch of different people I started following! You have to go to the “Reader” page, push the edit button and scroll down to my name, there you have to edit and say you want to receive email notifications instantly after I post them. I know it sounds difficult lol,but it’s really not 🙂 I go through all my bloggers through email and I had to edit each one to go to my email HAHA!

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