McMenamins Roseburg, OR

McMenamins in a restaurant/pub company that have places all over Oregon. They like to use old historical buildings and transform them into cozy breweries. We had been to one in Eugene that used to be an old 1900 house, it was small, but a fun experience! We saw there was one not too far from us in Roseburg, and decided to check it out. This location was an old Train Station!

I was able to find an old photo of the station online…



Here’s what the building looks like today 🙂







I tried to give you guys a good idea of what the place looked like on the inside. The ceiling had different types and styles of lights and ceiling fans! With unique and home style surroundings, you never want to leave 🙂 




  1. Are the train tracks still there Amanda. It is nice to see it being used for something else. We have closed stations here everywhere, but then they are boarded up and never used for anything, it is such a shame.

    1. Awwww I always get so sad when I see old train stations all boarded up 😦 that clock you see in the first shot is the new train station, so the tracks are still there 🙂 next time ill get pictures of those as well!

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