Bohemia Mining Days

“Bohemia Mining Days celebrates Cottage Grove’s colorful history. The town went all out to celebrate the centennial of Oregon statehood in 1959. In fact, Grovers and their guests had so much fun that year, a group of civic-minded individuals determined there should be an annual celebration highlighting Cottage Grove’s interesting past… and Bohemia Mining Days was born! The family-friendly festival is organized by a board of community-minded volunteers who work closely with the Festival Coordinator throughout the year to ensure this annual summer tradition lives on for future generations to enjoy.”

Yesterday we walked down to this celebration and it was crazy busy like every year! It’s very fun and I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d like, but these few were fun and I thought you’d all like them 🙂



They had a costume competition! 












A pie eating contest!









More to come!



      1. Aww, how sweet of you! Piggletino shall update you on his whereabouts next time! And if you do see him around, remember to say hi to his scout too! 😉

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