The Car Show

Some of my favorite shots from last year were at the car show, I was so excited to capture them and share their beauty 🙂 This year it was during the day so the sun wasn’t where I wanted it to be, but I didn’t really have a choice. I think they still turned out really well. 

Here in the Pacific Northwest the weather has been crazy! It’s been really hot! We usually don’t get this hot weather until the middle of August and it’s been like this most of July! Thank goodness during the car show it was a little cooler. This sunshine is making me exhausted and I think I’ll be relaxing today 🙂



















This one was my favorite!



Isn’t it beautiful? 😀





More to come 😀



  1. I LOVE car shows, and your photos are great! I may snag a couple of them 😉 That don’t really have them here in Bakersfield 😦

  2. Lovely! Piggletino’s scout loves the 5th and last cars! On the other hand, Piggletino likes all of them – it gives him an awesome photo opportunity to show off his tiny size when the headlights are bigger than him!

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