Month: August 2013

Bandon Coast/iPhone

As I mentioned in my last post, I had forgotten my Canon while going to the Bandon Coast for our 3 year wedding anniversary. I was completely heartbroken, and almost drove 2 hours back home to pick it up! Haha! I was thankful to at least have my iPhone, it’s no Canon, but it did the job.

Once we found the beach we took off running! Haha! The first day was nice and sunny. I hope you don’t mind these somewhat lazy shots, but Instagram did a decent job fixing them up 🙂








A Different Look

To everyone, I am sorry I haven’t posted or gone through your blogs in a few days! William and I just spent our 3 year anniversary on the coast for a few days and it was amazing! Really relaxing and refreshing. The Oregon coast is almost always cloudy haha, but because it’s been so hot here it was a nice change. You are not going to believe this… but I left Frank (my Canon) home!!! I was almost in tears when we were already an 1 hour on the road and I remembered that! I was just to excited about the trip I just forgot 😦 So you will be seeing photos from my iPhone soon, because that’s all I had haha! 

Now these are more Car Show pictures, just a different look. Some more fun shots, so I hope you like them 🙂






A downtown shop displayed their children’s cars out and I thought this was be a funny shot HAHA



This little mini car looked identical to the car in was sitting in lol!






Oh… I’ll make sure not to touch that car, it has a guard protecting it!! HAHA