A Different Look

To everyone, I am sorry I haven’t posted or gone through your blogs in a few days! William and I just spent our 3 year anniversary on the coast for a few days and it was amazing! Really relaxing and refreshing. The Oregon coast is almost always cloudy haha, but because it’s been so hot here it was a nice change. You are not going to believe this… but I left Frank (my Canon) home!!! I was almost in tears when we were already an 1 hour on the road and I remembered that! I was just to excited about the trip I just forgot 😦 So you will be seeing photos from my iPhone soon, because that’s all I had haha! 

Now these are more Car Show pictures, just a different look. Some more fun shots, so I hope you like them 🙂






A downtown shop displayed their children’s cars out and I thought this was be a funny shot HAHA



This little mini car looked identical to the car in was sitting in lol!






Oh… I’ll make sure not to touch that car, it has a guard protecting it!! HAHA



    1. Haha! Well these are with my canon camera. The pictures I took during our coast trip are with my iPhone and I haven’t posted them yet, I was just warning people lol! Maybe I should edit it so it explains that better oops haha! Thanks for the comment though 🙂

  1. And I was just about to congratulate you on your skill with the iPhone (I’m horrid with mine). How heartbreaking to be on a trip without your beloved camera!

  2. Aaargh! Leaving the camera at home is a truly a sinking feeling. You did well, though. Actually, I’ve taken photos with both my camera and my iPhone’s camera, and seen little difference. Still…

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