Thistledown Farms

There are a few places where we are that have pumpkin patches, corn mazes and they sell a lot of goodies! It’s always fun this time of year to visit a local farm, try their giant caramel apples and run through their corn fields. This year we visited a new farm and they had these adorable goats that took my attention away from most everything else lol! 












How can you not love these faces? lol






      1. I will …. *smile – I have clicked follow .. I hope I will get a mail when you post anything – because I don’t use readers much.

      2. That’s great! Thanks for the follow 😀 A few times for me, I had to edit certain people I followed so I would get emails, most of them weren’t emailed to me. So just make sure it’s edited correctly! I hope to see more of you! Thanks again 😀

  1. Hello, Amanda! I really, really like your photos, I think they are awesome. Love how you see the world through your camera, your pictures are so bright and colorful, love them.

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