Finding Ways to Photograph a Cemetery

I used to go to this Cemetery quite a bit. It was always open, and the gravestones were old and so beautiful. I have posted a blog in the past about this cemetery, but I’m having a hard time finding it! They are assuming young kids got into the graveyard and completely ruined the gravestones. They brought in someone who was able to place the stones where they belonged and after that it has been chained up every sense. I know there’s a way to get someone to open the gate, but I really wanted to see what kind of shots I could get on the outside of it. 

















      1. Sorry about the privacy and invite thing 😦 I am making changes to the blog since my content was again stolen and this time also sold for profit 😦

  1. I have always had a fascination with cemetaries but don’t have the guts to photograph one. Great job with these images. WIth the older cemetaries I always wonder what type of lives the people buried there lived. I grew up next to one of the oldest cemetaries here in Maryland. As kids I think we walked through their once late at night and turned around in say about 2 minutes :-)…

    1. Hahaha that sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve always had an interest in them as well. There’s a beauty about them, and I agree, I love to think about their lives and hope they had good ones 🙂 If I were around these old cemeteries as a kid I’d be running off to them also haha!

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