More Historical Carousel

Hello friends! So sorry about not posting for a while, life has been crazy and sometimes I don’t get to my computer for a few days. I’m very excited to show you more pictures of this Historical Carousel! In my last post I explained a little on what this amazing place is doing for the city of Albany. Bringing back history is no easy thing when there isn’t a lot of money to give for help, but there are so many amazing people who have come out from all over the west coast to help make their goal happen! Artists volunteer their time and energy to sit and carve these gorgeous carousel characters!

Here’s their website if you’d like to read more about it!


In my last post I showed you some of the many who were there working, and now here are the pictures of some of their finished work so far.















A lot of their finished characters were in other areas that I wasn’t able to capture, but I hope you all enjoyed these and I will be posting more hopefully soon! 



  1. Don’t feel bad :-). I am usually too busy to blog or view blog posts from the 15-26th of every month :-(. Thanks for sharing these images. The people that created these characters are true artists!!

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