Crazy Cat Lady Anyone?

Yes, it has been a while sense my last “Crazy Cat Lady” post. After losing my oldest kitty, George, it was hard to post another one. It still is hard, there are days where it feels like I lost him yesterday, that pain is still very raw. William and I are hoping to get Stevie, our 5 year old kitty, a friend soon 🙂 Hopefully within this next year getting another little kitty. Stevie is always very playful and I can tell he misses George very much sometimes. 

We had a sunny day this week! Up here in the Pacific Northwest, the sun likes to hide this time of year haha! When it eventually comes out you take as much of it in as you can! I took Stevie outside with me and got some cute little shots of him. So, no landscape shots today, instead you get to see our kitty Stevie! HAHA! Enjoy!



Caught him talking to me HAHA



He stretches like this before walking up to anyone lol! 



While sitting outside, I pointed to the chair on our porch telling William this is where George would be. Curled up in the sun on his favorite chair. 



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