Revisiting the Winery Graveyard

Almost two year ago William and I ran into a graveyard while visiting a local winery. The Unexpected Graveyard was one of those moments where I was so happy to have Frank (my Canon) with me. At that point, I was taking all of my pictures on the “Landscape” setting on my camera haha! I was so new I had no idea what all the buttons and dials meant. So going back to that location was really exciting, just to see if I’d be able to make them any better. I’m not sure if they are any better, but they are a lot spookier! We have been experiencing freezing fog here the last couple of days. I was hoping the fog would be there when we got there, but I was so incredibly cold I was afraid I was rushing the pictures along. I hope I got the images the way I wanted to, it was nice being able to see that location again.

Here’s a shot of the winery not far from us, this is how foggy it was! HAHA


This is the walking path to the little graveyard.






I was sad to see quite a few headstones broken and propped up against trees, who knows where they are really suppose to be.



  1. OMG! Love these! All of them! I can see them as book covers to Stephen King Novels. I feel like if I visited that place that the reality wouldn’t do it justice.

  2. Definitely a great set of photos Amanda – and most definitely spooky. Trolling around a cemetery with my camera is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. If it ever warms up here, I may just do that soon now you’ve reminded me.

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