In The Words of Julia Child…

“Cooking well doesn’t mean cooking fancy.”

Most people from all over the world know of Julia Child. I couldn’t agree more with this quote from her, these last couple of months I’ve gotten into cooking quite a bit. I’m not doing anything fancy, but it’s good food and good for you! We decided to start eating better, no to less salt in all of our food and way more fresh fruits and veggies. Sense I’ve started working, I’ve really missed being in the kitchen, experimenting with different dishes and how to replace salt. On one of my days off I decided to spend most of it in the kitchen 🙂 Of course, I had Frank (my Canon) with me to show little glimpses of my day. I didn’t capture a lot, but it’s a glimpse and I’m hoping to start showing you more of my dishes the better I get at making them! 

We try to not have beans from the cans anymore, so this first shot are the beans before they go in a long boiling bath on the stove lol


This evening I made Roasted Chicken stuffed with garlic and lemons, so I just captured the garlic and lemon slices 🙂 I was wanting to take a shot of the chicken after it was finished cooking (it was so beautiful) but I had already cut it up by the time I thought of it 😦 I will try and show this dish completed someday soon!