new years

Goodbye 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a fun and safe New Years. This last year was a hard one on us. We lost my 12 year old cat, George, unexpectedly and then right before Christmas we lost a family friend. 2013 had so many downs that it was hard for us to find the good times. With all the heart ache and frustrations, I was thankful to have family and of course, my amazing husband William next to me during it all. 

I’m hoping to start up some goals and actually complete them this year. I do love the beginning of new years, that clean slate feeling, the way you think you can do anything and it’s going to happen this time! HAHA! Lots of thoughts run through my mind, I just hope to accomplish some of them 🙂 

These were taken New Year’s Eve around our neighborhood! My last pictures of 2013




These were found under our tree!