CafePress Here I Come!

Ok, so, I know that my chances of selling my pictures on is a little slim. I may never have anyone see my photos, but it’s a start. I’m excited to try and get my photos out into the world in some way. I don’t know if it will be worth all of the work, but I’m really happy with myself! I never thought I’d ever do something like this, start my own store on a website and just put myself out there. I won’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out, because I know I have a LOT of competition! I just see it as an experience and it’s been a fun one so far 🙂 I’m just staying positive and see where it takes me. I’m hoping sometime within the next couple of months I’ll have my own website set up, but this is a good way to kick off my photography for now. You can see my photography on CafePress, but the best way to check it out is by going to my CafePress store!

At this point I only have Magnets, Coaster Tiles, Framed Tiles, Postcards and Glass Cutting Boards. I have set up folders on my site that makes it easier for people to see everything I have. I am loading new photos and products daily so please check up on it when you can! Thank you all for the support and encouragement 😀 You all are truly amazing people and I’d never have the confidence to do any of this without you all!